Fuse® Full Spectrum Endoscopy® is a major innovation in flexible GI endoscopy and has become the benchmark for the future of endoscopy. Fuse’s panoramic 330 degree field of view offers endoscopists the ability to see 94% more anatomy than with traditional colonoscopes. In an international clinical trial published in The Lancet Oncology in March 2014, Fuse was shown to have a significantly lower miss rate than TFV endoscopes (7% for Fuse compared to 41% for TFV) and an incremental adenoma detection rate of 69% over TFV endoscopes.  Both data and clinical experience has confirmed that Fuse® enables physicians to see and treat significantly more abnormalities. Finding and treating more abnormalities with an advanced technology like Fuse results in a higher level of patient care and quality metrics, the ability to attract and retain more patients, and improved healthcare economics.


Fusecases.com provides the opportunity for clinicians to experience the benefit of the 330 degree field of view in various anatomy and while performing different therapies.  This site also includes numerous case reports detailing how Fuse enabled an endoscopist to provide a significantly higher level of care for a patient. 
To experience Fuse in your facility, please email fuse@endochoice.com